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Battlegrounds is a city-wide, site-specific, augmented reality (AR) public art activation in New Orleans, which interprets the word "Battleground" as broadly as possible. 


We have geo-located 30 thematically related artworks in AR created by 24 local artists at the contested locations of their choosing. These sites include polluted waterways, confederate statues, gentrified lands, levees, prisons, neglected neighborhoods, slave trade sites, formerly indigenous territories – to name just a few. Battlegrounds offers a new type of subversive public art which asks no permission, but attempts to prompt thoughtful discourse around the most urgent issues the artwork and sites represent for the larger community they serve. This is an unapologetically political project, and does no environmental harm in a region of the country which is most vulnerable to climate change. Community programming and workshops are essential to this project.

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