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Legacy, originally commissioned by SXSW, illustrates the calamitous forces of climate disaster and dislocation by animating an abstracted tree as it twists, breaks apart, and coalesces. Formally the drawing transitions from organic bark-like marks, to inorganic, metaphorically urban, glass and mirror fragments. Using original digital mark making to render organic forms underscores the artist's intention to highlight unnatural developments of all kinds. Accessed via smartphones and tablets, the monumental drawing remains invisible to the naked eye, and leaves no physical trace. Legacy emerged from Nancy Baker Cahill’s intention to realize the synthesis of ideas, technology, and art to transform awareness about the urgent and interrelated effects of inequality and human-centered decision making. The drawing attempts to push new media in uncharted directions, and prompt discoveries related to the (re)evolution of nature, and the accelerated consequences of human intervention and impact. Legacy will be shown in Berlin as part of an exhibition at Synthesis Gallery and over the Pacific Ocean as part of Baker Cahill’s solo show at Honor Fraser Gallery.

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