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A public art, AR exhibition along the LA River, co-curated by Nancy Baker Cahill and Debra Scacco

The journey to a little known but extraordinary Elysian Park vista runs along a thin road that hugs the rim of the Elysian Reservoir. Guided by directions from 4th Wall, the free Augmented Reality (AR) app that democratizes the experience of viewing public art, visitors are greeted by a view of concrete ribbons at the simultaneous confluence of rivers and highways. By using a smartphone or tablet to launch 4th Wall and selecting “Coordinates,” Carolina Caycedo’s "Curative Mouth" is revealed on screen. The large-scale virtual artwork features fishing nets collected during the artists’ work in global communities impacted by the privatization of water.


The experience described above is at the heart of Defining Line: a groundbreaking, public art, AR exhibition exploring how lines connect, divide and define communities. Co-curated by Nancy Baker Cahill (Founder of 4th Wall) and Debra Scacco, the exhibition places powerful, site-relevant works in AR along the Los Angeles River, encouraging visitors to explore, reconsider and interact with the river, and to recognize the key role this vital line plays in shaping the history and experience of moving through Los Angeles.  These public artworks were either made for or translated into AR to discuss the cultural weight and history of this 51-mile expanse––while causing zero environmental impact or harm. 

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