photo by Lisle & Sally Baker


On view in Boston above Fort Point Channel on the Harborwalk.

At this site, Liberty Bell highlights one of the most formative moments in U.S. history, the Boston Tea Party. On December 16, 1773, the Sons of Liberty threw chests of tea sent by the East India Company into Boston Harbor as an act of protest against the British. This historic moment, among others, ignited the American Revolution which began two years later. Liberty Bell invites viewers to reflect on one of the early struggles for American liberty and independence while questioning how this event shaped the future of the country. Focusing on the founding of the United States, the project asks us to consider those who were granted rights, and those who were excluded. On site, the AR artwork’s ephemerality illuminates the fragile moment we face as a nation. In this location, accessible to a diverse public audience, Liberty Bell invites viewers the opportunity to consider their own experiences of liberty, freedom and injustice and inequality.  



Go to Fort Point Channel and head to the middle of the Harborwalk between the Congress and Seaport bridges on either side for best viewing. The drawing floats over the water of the Channel. This site is wheelchair accessible. 


map 1 

map 2

Ideal viewing area is indicated within the red boxes: 

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