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Photo by Brett Wadford, Charleston


On view in Charleston at the Battery near White Point Garden, facing Fort Sumter. 

Charleston is an ideal location for the Liberty Bell project. Colloquially deemed ‘The Holy City’, Charleston is where 40% of U.S. slaves entered the country. Liberty Bell rings as a powerful reminder of the region’s past, present and future from the promenade just across the street from White Point Garden. The drawing hovers over the ocean with Fort Sumter in sight, the historic location of the first two battles igniting the American Civil War. Today, echoes of the Civil War continue to foment an ideological divide throughout the United States. This location resonates with Liberty Bell as it connects the project to America’s divided past and the lasting effects of slavery. Equally, it embodies our current cleft political and cultural reality, heightened by increased polarization and consequences of inequality.


“The Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation is proud to be a local partner on the Liberty Bell project. We are a non-profit whose mission is to protect heirs’ property and promote the sustainable use of land to build generational wealth for underserved families. It seems like a perfect time for this public art project as people are questioning the very definition of liberty and justice for all.  The core of our mission is simply justice – social, economic and environmental. We believe the American dream needs to be colorblind.  The Center has spent the past 15 years advocating for racial equality and our mission will continue into the future demanding justice.” – Dr. Jennie Stephens, CEO, Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation 


From White Point Garden (standing at the Battery), as close as possible to the fence by the water, facing Fort Sumter. This site is wheelchair accessible.


Ideal viewing area is indicated within the red box: 

Charleston Viewing Area.png
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