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Photo by Columbus Mitchell, Selma


On view in Selma at Songs of Selma Park at the foot of Edmund Pettus Bridge.

In Selma, Liberty Bell floats above the Alabama River, best seen from Songs of Selma Park, at the foot of the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge. This location is essential to the project, which aims to address voting rights and the ongoing fight for civil rights. The Songs of Selma Park was selected for its proximity to the Voting Rights Museum, the Edmund Pettus Bridge and the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail. The historic trail marks the three Voting Rights marches led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1965 to end discriminatory voting practices targeting Black Americans. The Edmund Pettus bridge is a National Historic Landmark marking the brutal Bloody Sunday beatings of civil rights marchers during the first march. Liberty Bell invites viewers to consider discriminatory practices today that prevent certain Americans from exercising their right to vote, denying access to an established national freedom. The project hopes to provoke an awareness of gerrymandering, hacking, misinformation-- all of which inhibit citizens from exercising their civic rights. Liberty Bell embodies our current cleft political and cultural reality, heightened by increased polarization and the consequences of inequality.


Go to “Songs of Selma” Park at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma (with Water Ave. behind you) and position yourself at the park’s edge, close to the Alabama River. Drawing will appear to the left of the Edmund Pettus Bridge over the river.


Ideal viewing area is indicated within the red box: 

Selma Viewing Area.png
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